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The Ancient Forerunners

Rediscovering Our Destiny III:The Ancient Paths Greetings brothers and sisters, I am so greatly encouraged because in rediscovering our destiny, the Lord has revealed the ancient paths that our forefathers marched upon. In this document you will clearly see how God has ordained our footsteps for national and global awakening by unveiling what has never before been seen. I believe it is imperative that we have a full understanding of …Read More

Rediscovering Our Destiny

Rediscovering Our Destiny 1867: In the wake of the bloodiest battle in America’s history (civil war) approximately 10-15,000 Christians of multiple denominations gathered at Landis Park in Vineland New Jersey under large tents to seek God for a spiritual awakening. This resulted an in outpouring of God’s glory in which hundreds and even thousands were converted into Christianity and filled with Holy Spirit. This meeting became known as the Holiness …Read More

“Lessons” From Neil Blake

By Neil Blake, Revivalist One In Christ Center, Inc. Fulfillment Fest I want to give a personal report to bring you up to date on my personal observations. When the tent was in Jerusalem, Israel, May – June of 2008 on the Mount of Olives, some Jewish people suggested to me that the tent and our meeting there had much to do with restoration of the tent of David. They …Read More