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What the Lord has Accomplished Already


Medical Clinics for Hebron!

We have found a group of Christians in Virginia, the Catholic Fraternity of North America, and Georgia, the Alleluia Christian Service Center, that are now partnering with us to build and ship a medical clinic for Hebron.

By late July or early August 2015, this clinic will be completed. It is made from a 40’ shipping container divided into three exam rooms.

One of the offices in the clinic

One of the offices in the clinic

  Livestock and Feed for the poor of Jericho!

I purchased a herd of sheep and goats, along with the hay they would need, from the Sheikh for two poor families in Jericho. When they arrived in Jericho, the recipients were amazed and told me that they were actually a very special, prized breed of goats and sheep, called Nubian. This breed is very valuable and they were so blessed of the Lord by this.

goats for jericho