Becca, Wilmington, NC

I had gotten in a car accident and my neck was rally hurting and I had limited range of motion. I am healed.

Terry, Wilmington, NC

I felt a blockage between me and the Holy Spirit. I had a spirit of self-will and control These were bound from me and immediately my heart softened and I was able to cry. I feel light and free and finally understand what it feels like to love Jesus with my whole heart, not just my mind.

Clare, Wilmington, NC

I needed healing of my lungs. I came in – couldn’t breathe—and when they prayed for me, I felt my lungs open up and I could breathe better. Thank you for the opportunity to be part of Fulfillment Fest.

Kinsey, Carolina Beach, NC

I felt sick in my stomach. I had rejection, bitterness, resentment, unforgiveness—I was delivered in the Name of Jesus. Thank you!

Regina, Richlands, NC

I came here tonite with acid reflux, possible problems with gall bladder, my left arm hurting from arthiritis–my heart broken. God healed me! The pain left my arm. I felt heat and a warmth go through my body. Praise God! I felt the love of God.

Ashley, Wilmington, NC

Rededication[to God]. God broke my heart down to show repentance was needed again. To come back from my backslide. He healed shi splints with His power and knocked me out in the Holy Ghost. Praise God! Thank You, God!

Andrea, Scotts Hill, NC

Prayer for hip sharp pain going down my leg went after prayer.

Donna, Kenansville, NC

Left leg grew—to relive pain in hip – leg, foot, back(disc) healing.

Jonathan, NC

Before I was born, my father was made a promise by the Lord that me and my brother would be taken care of. All my life I have tried to please the Lord on my own, but did more than a sprint – so to speak. I would be on fire for a week, then it was gone for months. A day before I came here, my brother prayed over me. From that moment I have not been the same. I feel I have finally found what I have searched for, a permanent relationship with Christ! The first night I was here, a man prayed over me to release the demon keeping me on nicotine. For the past 4-5 days I haven’t even thought of going back to it! Then the next night Pastor Pridgen told me I would have dreams and visions. 2 nights ago I had an awesome dream and when I awoke, I remembered [the numbers] 10 and 7. I found out tonight that 7 means perfection and the Rabbi would email me once he found out more. To say the least, my life has been turned upside down and full of joy! My mom has finally begun viewing things in a new sense which joys me beyond understanding.

Norie, Wilmington, NC

I had a dislocated shoulder that had been hurting for more than 2 years. Came to this tour ministry and the men of God prayed and the pain left me. Instantly, my shoulder snapped in place and is no longer in pain. Thank God for healing. Yes, yes, yes, I came to this tent ministry asking forgiveness to all I my offenders and forgiving them. Then, repenting myself before God and began feeling his anointing afresh as the men of God prayed with me. They prayed for the worship service on Sunday morning – 3rd Sunday in September 2009. I had to teach Sunday School and preach the morning worship service. They decreed that there would be an awesome service on Sunday. Yes, awesome. The Lord impressed upon my heart not to sing or do anything until the Sunday School class had forgiven all their offenders and then repent themselves. The Spirit of the Lord moved mightily in Sunday School. Praise God. Likewise, when the worship hour came. The Lord had me to do the same thing, no singing, just have them forgive all their offenders and then repent and ask God to forgive them. Then we opened for worship, the choir sang, communion, scripture read. The deacon prayed. The choir sang the response hymn saying “Praise Him, praise Him, praise Him Blessed Savior, He is worthy to be praised.” It lasted about 15-20 minutes. The Holy Spirit ruled the service. People began asking others to forgive them. Even I (the pastor) asked my lay minister to forgive me and he likewise asked me to forgive him. All I know is that God is more than just a Savior to me – He’s All in All! Praise Him, Praise Him!

Teresa, Wilmington, NC

Last Monday, an offering was taken. I didn’t have much on me as money is tight, but I was let to put $10 in the offering box. Two days later, when I was working, I put money from my client in my little container. After I finished my second job for the day, I opened my container and praise God, there was an extra $20 bill in it! God blessed me a hundredfold! I even called my first client to make sure I didn’t accidently take an extra $20. He was positive he left the correct amount because he said that’s all the cash he had on him that morning! I know without a doubt that container was empty when I stared my day! God is so loving and faithful. He truly is my Source and Provider. Thank You, Lord!

Brian, Wilmington, NC

Upon the revelation that I had let my joy be stolen from me many years ago, I got mad. I started preaching young, laid hands on the sick, saw the life changing power of deliverance. Danced before the Lord with all my might. I had intimate worship with God. I allowed it al to be stolen and turned away to seek the comforts of this life. I became a slave. Full of hurt and confusion. Given to the lust of my flesh. It was the grace and crazy love of God that brought me back in Oct 2008. I felt the love of God immediately – still no joy. God had been dealing with me to quit smoking. I rebelled. When I went up for prayer about my joy, God put His finger on the cigarettes. I REBELLED! I left the move of God and went to smoke. Got in my car and left. I came back after 3 cigs to put the $10 in the box I promised God. The ministry team intercepted me and asked me if I needed prayer. NO! NO! NO! STOP! Two minutes later I was crying out not my will, thine be done, Lord. Jesus delivered me. 2 weeks now, no cigs. (25 years of bondage broken.) That is just the beginning. Years of anguish were ripped from me and forgiveness invaded my soul. I was freed from a religious spirit. Once again, The Lion of the Tribe of Judah roars from my spirit. God has stirred up the gifts and callings in me. He has restored unto me the joy of my salvation. I danced in the House of the Lord for the first time in 17 years!

Irving, Currie, NC

I had a trip to New Jersey and the things that I saw, the pain and the brokenness of the homeless on the street. God spoke to me and told me that I am going to work and minister for these people and for God! Today’s message was confirmation of the ministry that I gained in obedience to His calling.