This week I was praying about president Obama’s visit to Israel next week on the 20th of March; my concerns were for the peace of Jerusalem and the push by the President to divide the Holy Land. I was really feeling this was going to be a critical time for all of us. As I was praying I felt Holy Spirit reminding me of how he had me pray on my visits to Israel.

When on my first trip to Israel in 2006, I was outraged upon hearing the siren blasts in Jerusalem, and then the Muslim prayers over these same loudspeakers. I remember complaining to the Lord about this, and much to my amazement here is what I felt like He said back to me. “Neil, The Muslims pray more faithfully than most Christians, they pray many times a day.” He instructed me that every time I heard the siren for the Muslim’s prayer, that I should pray and ask Him (the Lord) to send angels to visit and give the Muslims revelation of Him (the Lord) during their prayer times. He (the Lord) had also asked me earlier to ask Him to send angels ahead of me on my trip to prepare the way for my assignment in Israel.

My testimony is that after praying in this way I had Arabs, Jews, and Christians in Israel tell me that they had had angelic visitations about me and my assignment prior to meeting me in Israel. This gave me great favor with my assignment in Israel during my many visits in 2006/2007/2008 & 2010.

Then Holy Spirit asked me to challenge the church body and particularly intercessors to pray in this way NOW concerning Israel, the Muslims, and President Obama. He also asked that I find out the EXACT times of prayer for Muslims here in the USA and Israel; and that this is the time when He would like us to pray, (at the same time they are praying) because they are in a spiritual position to better receive a supernatural visitation. He would like the Church body to accept this as an ASSIGNMENT from Him—particularly those in the Body that are called as intercessors. This praying for the Muslims, and them receiving the revelation of the Glorified Jesus would have great effect on His Kingdom purposes in Israel and the whole world. He (Holy Spirit) also asked that the Church Body should pray and ask Him to send angels ahead of time for President Obama’s trip to Israel to ask Holy Spirit to give President Obama revelation of the Glorified Jesus while he is in Israel.

Please visit to see a listing of Islamic prayer times for your local area. Also note that Islam refers to Israel as Palestine, not by the name “Israel.”

Neil Blake, Founding Director of One in Christ Ministries and FulfillmentFest events