Below is a Prophetic Word Given by one of ourweekly Love Feast participants:

July 29th, 2012

This morning I was getting ready to go to the Pier (Johnny Mercer Pier – Wilmington NC) during my twenty-one day fast/Shofar blowing assignment.  The Lord said the following to me regarding the prophesy given by Derek Prince about the “Eastern North Carolina Phenomenon”

Derek Prince Prophesy:  4/6/1975  “I have found favor with you here in Eastern North Carolina.  I will personally visit you.  There will be a revival greater than that of the Great Wales revival at the turn of the century.  There will be kings and leaders come from North and South and East and West to study the Eastern North Carolina Phenomenon.”

The Lord asked me, “Do you know what the Eastern North Carolina Phenomenon is?”    I said, “No Lord, you know…..What is it?”

The Lord then said, “I will make Eastern North Carolina my footstool in America.”

Then the Lord said the following: 

“Where my feet rest so shall my enemies be trampled.  Where my enemies are tramped there will be liberty to worship at me feet.  Where the feet of the King are it is a sign that the King is sitting in the Tabernacle.  I will come and sit in the Tabernacle and where I sit so shall my glory rest. 

People will be in Awe of the atmosphere of liberty and freedom as the enemy will be absent.  My people have not yet known an atmosphere that is  

“ENEMY FREE”.  This is the atmosphere of my Abiding Presence the atmosphere of Heaven.

For I AM Jehovah Shammah and I will heal my people in my presence. 

I will cause the old man to sit down, the prideful to lay prostate before me, the handmaiden shall dance and the children shall stand and minister in my presence.

The trenches have been dug around the tent, the latter rain will fall and the trenches shall be as streams to water the far country.  As there are rivers under my throne in heaven, so shall rivers of Glory flow from my resting place in North Carolina.

Some trenches shall be filled with tears of repentance and intercession, some shall be filled with joy, some shall be filled with gold and silver and some shall be for the land itself—to water the great bounty that will come from my presence.

While you may try to prepare,…all I REQUIRE IS THAT YOU SHOW UP.  My presence will meet all needs and bring all order.  The enemy shall remain under my feet in this place.  All the world will come and stand in Awe and wonder at my dwelling place, my secret place, my footstool in North Carolina.

At my feet there is mercy.  For he who is forgiven much, loves much.  America is in need of forgiveness.  Governors will come and ask forgiveness at my feet in North Carolina for the sins of their states.  The righteous in Washington will come out of the city to worship me in the field in the tent of my presence.  The unrighteous will not venture out of their stronghold and like Sodom they will pay a price. 

Showbread and wine shall come forth from my tabernacle.  Sabbath rest will be restored in my presence.  Prayer and fasting shall sweep across the land to bring a new sense of Holiness and Sanctification.  My bread and My New wine will sustain many.

I will set aside a storehouse.  See that a portion is set aside for the widows and orphans.  See that a portion shall go to my people …the faithful in Jerusalem.  See that my house is lacking in nothing.

I will release a Spirit of Generosity within and among my people.  The Spirit of Avarice shall be under my feet in this place.

Are you Ready?

Are you looking?

Are your garments spotless?

Look-up!  Behold I AM coming to sit and rest a while in North Carolina for the enemies of America must be put under my feet.

Blow the trumpet in the highways and say “BEHOLD, THE GLORY OF GOD COMES!” 

Warning:  Do not reject ANY that seek my face or it will grieve my Holy Spirit and give access again to the enemy.  

Isaiah 55 – Blessings for those who seek him.

Isaiah 55:11 – So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth; it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.

This is the Word of the Lord Jesus Christ.