Rediscovering Our Destiny III:The Ancient Paths

Greetings brothers and sisters,

I am so greatly encouraged because in rediscovering our destiny, the Lord has revealed the ancient paths that our forefathers marched upon. In this document you will clearly see how God has ordained our footsteps for national and global awakening by unveiling what has never before been seen. I believe it is imperative that we have a full understanding of what has been forgotten so that we might carry that banner of revival further than our predecessors. Theologians, biblical scholars, and church historians have not even pieced together in totality what the Lord has shown us as it pertains to the ancient wells of revival; yet, we take no credit nor honor for the following information but lay it down to our Lord from whom all righteous blessings flow. During this process we will examine several different renewal movements starting with the Moravians and ending with the Pentecostal explosion of the twentieth century. Our purpose is to show how One in Christ ministries of North Carolina along with many other key ministers and ministries of the eastern region of North Carolina have been following the exact same footsteps which these ancestors treaded upon, without even knowing it. Also we will discover how the ancient forerunners prepared the entire region of eastern North Carolina so that a future generation would come fourth and reap one of the greatest harvests the world has yet to see. Let us begin our journey.

— Michael Thornton

Introduction to the Ancient Forerunners:”Moravians”

1727: The Moravians ignited a worldwide revival through the power of intercession. Known for their self-sacrificing love and 24/7 prayer meetings, the Moravians form Germany are also credited with one of the greatest surges of global evangelism that the world has ever seen. During the summer of 1727 under the leadership of Count Von Zinzendorf the community of Hernnhut experienced a remarkable event which shook the very foundations of heaven and hell. Overwhelmed by an explosive invasion of God’ presence the entire community (300 people) were transformed over night due to a personal visitation from the Almighty. Following this holy visitation, 24 men and 24 women made a covenant to pray 24/7 so that they might fuel the fire of revival through there intercession. In less than a month the entire community of Hernnhut became a habitation for a massive global awakening, social reform, and missionary training. By following their paths history informs us that the Moravian missionaries went to the four corners of the earth; however, what is important for us to know is that they traveled to England, Scotland, and North America carrying with them the fire for global revival. (Reichel, 65-66)

Notice, wherever these forerunners traveled to, great explosions of national and global revival would emerge especially in these 3 regions. (England, Scotland, America) Between the years of 1739- 1749 the Moravians established communities in Scotland, (Glasgow, Cambuslang) England, (Wales) Pennsylvania (Lancaster) and in North Carolina. (Edenton, Chocowinity, Winston-Salem) Patterned after their own Hernnhut village in Germany these communities would later become hotbeds for national revival; however, before we connect these movements we must first acknowledge the supernatural meeting which occurred between the Moravians and the Methodist revivalist John and Charles Wesley as well as George Whitfield. (Hyatt, 94)

The Mantle is Passed from the Moravians to the Methodists: 1730-1800

1735: Wales, England experiences a great spiritual awakening which was birthed by the Moravians settlers and later carried by John and Charles Wesley as well as George Whitfield. (Wright, 127)
(Note: This is 170 years before the great Welsh revival of 1904 which occurs in the same region)

1738: John and Charles Wesley as well as George Whitefield encounter the Moravian forerunners on a mission’s trip to Georgia. The fire for revival from the Moravians is ignited into their hearts. This leads John Wesley on a spiritual journey back to the Moravian headquarters at Hernnhut where his life and ministry are forever changed. He studies under Count Von Zinzendorf and emerges with an endowed power from heaven to spread the flames of revival across his nation. (Wright, 128)

1739: Revival explodes all over England as a result of John and Charles Wesley along with George Whitfield. They hold outdoor meetings all over England and Scotland in which the power of God falls like never before. Thousands upon thousands are converted and many more testify to experiencing a deeper revelation of Christ’s love. In the wake of his ministry spanning over 50 years John Wesley left 140,000 Methodist practicing their new found faith, and 1,500 roving preachers who evangelized to others in their region. (Wright, 129)

1740: The Moravians settle in Lancaster Pennsylvania on George Whitefield’s estate as well as in North Carolina and begin to prepare these specific regions for explosions of future revival, by creating an atmosphere for the King of Kings to dwell as they experienced in Hernnhut in 1727. (Reichel)

1740-1741: The Great Awakening erupts all over the Northeastern states of New England under the leadership of Jonathan Edwards and George Whitefield who also ministered with John Wesley and was a dear friend to the Moravians. Notice, the Moravians missionaries were there preparing the way. (Wright, 140)

1742: The Fire spreads to Scotland and bursts all throughout Glasgow and at Cambuslang. Thousands fall under the mighty weight of God’s Glory and cry out for forgiveness and accept the message of the cross. George Whitefield also makes 14 different mission trips to this area and preaches to sometimes up to 25,000 people. This results in the Scot-Irish and highlander Scot awakening which changes the entire landscape of a nation. Remember, 3 to 4 years prior to this outpouring the Moravians were already there preparing the atmosphere for an awakening. (Rev. Ferrier)

The Mantle Passes from Methodism to Holiness: 1800-1900

1750-1800: The Scot-Irish and Scot-highlanders who were directly affected by the revival in Scotland and in England ignited by the Moravians and the Methodists migrate to Lancaster Pennsylvania and all throughout eastern North Carolina especially along the Cape Fear River. (Which was originally named the river Jordan) The river flows from Wilmington into 2 directions. The northeast part flows up to Mt. Olive and the northwest part flows up to Dunn and through Fayetteville and all the way into Winston-Salem. These settlers begin to populate this entire region bringing with them the seed for revival which they inherited from the Moravians and Methodists. (

1800-1840s: The 2nd Great awakening spreads all over college campuses in the Northeast which results in social reform in many different cities; however, due to the issue of slavery it does not affect the southern states as it did in the northern states. (Hyatt, 108)

1830-1860: A new breed of forerunners is released in the earth, Charles Finney (the powerful evangelist), A.J. Gordon (founder of Gordon College and Baptist minister), and Phoebe Palmer. (Establishes 238 house of prayer in the U.S., Canada, and England) All are directly influenced through the ministry of John Wesley. (Hyatt, 125)

1867: In the wake of the bloodiest battle in America’s history (civil war) approximately 10-15,000 Christians of multiple denominations gathered at Landis Park in Vineland New Jersey under large tents to seek God for a spiritual awakening. Rev. Gorham is placed in charge of the grounds and lay’s the 2 week prayer meeting out according to the Jewish Biblical feasts. (Gorham’s, Camp Meeting Manual) Specifically the feast of Tabernacles this is why they met in tents and conducted the main services under a large tent. He believed that we were to honor our Jewish roots throughout these meetings. This resulted an in outpouring of God’s glory in which hundreds and even thousands were converted into Christianity and filled with Holy Spirit. This meeting became known as the Holiness camp meeting. Keep in mind this meeting involved the collaboration of 6 different denominations all working together in love to promote Holiness. This became known as the beginning of the Holiness movement and thus the mantle was passed from Methodism (Founded by Wesley’s and the Moravians) to Holiness. (Brown, 79)

1868: Following this massive outpouring of God’s presence the leaders of this event convened to meet in Manheim, Pennsylvania (Lancaster County; exactly where the Moravians settled over 100 years prior) and it was here that Rev. Gorham formed the camp grounds into a giant wheel taken from Ezekiel’s prophecy. It is estimated that over 25,000 people attended these meetings from over six different denominations including Methodist, Presbyterian, Baptist, Methodist Episcopal and a few others. Reports show that they were all in harmony with each other seeking God for revival both on a personal and national level. These meetings lasted for nearly 2 weeks and many witnesses reported to have heard angels singing along in times of worship as well as multiple manifestations of God’s presence convicting thousands and bringing countless others in contact with a divine encounter with the Almighty God. (Brown, 80)

1869: The leaders met together in prayer and decided to hold the next meeting at Round Lake, New York on 40 acres of land. A week before the meeting started over six hundred tents had been set up and thousands of people were pouring in all over the world. The association again formed the grounds into a giant wheel in which the main stage, pulpit, and alter were the hub and at the end of the eight spokes of the wheel were prayer tents for salvation, healings, children’s ministry, etc. It is reported that over 250,000 people attended these meetings and that the glory of God fell on the entire camp more powerfully than it had in the 2 previous years. In all over thousand tents had been erected including a large tent which would seat 3,000. (Brown, 81) (Note: They honored their Jewish roots and these meetings were all patterned specifically after the Jewish Feats of tabernacles)

Note: From these meetings the fire of Holiness begins to burn all throughout the land. Unity is restored in the church between the northern and southern states. Color barriers of black and white are broken and denominations walls are destroyed and the power of revival is felt all over the Northeast. Holiness becomes the cry of a generation who was hungry for God with all their might and out of these 3 meetings we can pinpoint the following ministers, ministries, and movements:

  • Bishop Simpson: Good friends w/Abraham Lincoln and would go on to preach his funeral
  • D.L. Moody: Founder of the Moody Bible institute
  • Reuben A. Torrey: D.L. Moody’s assistant
  • John Alexander Dowie: founder of Zion City (Illinois) in which John G. lake, F.F. Bosworth, and Marie Burgess Brown would emerged from
  • Bishop A.B. Simpson: Founder of the Christian and Missionary Alliance church
  • Robert and Hannah Smith: Leaders of Keswick Convention which affected Evan Roberts
  • The Welsh Revival in Wales England in 1904
  • The Azusa Street revival in Los Angles in 1906
  • The Dunn, N.C. revival in 1906-1909
  • Charles Parham: Founder of Bethel Bible College
  • Frank Sandford: founder of the Shiloh school in Maine
  • A.B. Crumpler: founder of the Holiness church movement in North Carolina
  • William Seymour: Leader of the Azusa Street outpouring
  • G. B. Cashwell: Leader of the Dunn, N.C. revival
  • Oral Roberts: Healing Evangelist
  • A.A. Allen: Healing Evangelist

And multitudes of others who spread the flame of Holiness all across the world, all of their roots are traced to this one prayer meeting in Vineland, New Jersey in 1867 which only came by way of the Methodist revivalist (John Charles Wesley, George Whitefield) which originally began with the Moravians missionaries who burned with the love of Christ and prepared the atmosphere for a spiritual awakening. (Beacham, Brown, Hyatt, Synan, Wright)

1879: The Holiness Association is founded as a result of the Vineland 1867 meeting and the leaders embark on a world-wide tour of tent revivals fanning the flames of revival all around the mid-west states and then crossing the oceans going to the four corners of the earth. (Brown, 95)

1896: A.B. Crumpler (Sampson County) is chosen to bring the flame of Holiness into eastern North Carolina. He travels through Sampson, Wayne, and Duplin counties holding large tent meetings where the local residents came by the thousands and experience the powerful presence of God. Some of these towns included Clinton, Warsaw, Roseboro, Mount Olive, Goldsboro and Magnolia, and almost single handily Crumpler re-ignited the fire of revival over this region which was first implanted by the Moravians (1740’s) and then by the Scot-Irish immigrants. (1770’s) (Synan, 68)

(Note most of these residents were seeds of the Scot-Irish revival in the 1700and 1800’s)

1897: As a result of so many converts to Holiness, Crumpler founds the North Carolina Holiness Association and holds the first meeting in Magnolia, North Carolina. Thousands of people attended and the service was conducted under a very large tent. He then establishes the first Holiness congregation in Goldsboro which results in the establishment of many others sister churches in the towns of Beulaville, Bethlehem, Burgaw, Dunn, Falcon, Fayetteville, Godwin’s Chapel, Goshen, Rockingham, and Thunder Swamp, Mt. Olive. (Synan, 87)

1900: Crumpler holds large tent revivals all throughout Pender County stretching from Watha to Rocky Point, North Carolina. These meetings went up and down the Cape Fear region directly connecting Crumpler and the Holiness flame to the ancient forerunners the Moravians and their Holy offspring the Scot-Irish & Scot-highlander immigrants. Through these connecting movements it is becomes clear that North Carolina and especially Eastern North Carolina has become saturated with waves of revival fires; however, the Holiness flame which affected so many people all across North Carolina and the rest of the world was still only a precursor for what was to follow.

The Mantle is Passed from Holiness to Pentecostalism: 1900-???

1900: An unusual outbreak of God’s Glory erupts over Charles Fox Parham’s Bethel Bible College in Topeka, Kansas. While receiving prayer during the midnight hour a young student becomes saturated with heavenly glory and begins to utter fourth the Chinese language. She is so moved that she is unable to speak English for the next 3 days. (Hyatt, 137)

1904: A young theology student named Evan Roberts prays earnestly for an awakening in Wales England, and the power of God is loosed over the entire region. This becomes known as the Welsh revival and the fire of Pentecostalism invades the entire nation as well as Europe. Over 100,000 souls were converted and filled with a great revelation of Christ’s love in this movement; however, we must understand and remember why God chose this area several times to pour out His Spirit. This is exactly where God used the revivalist voice (John Wesley, George Whitefield) to invade in the 1850’s as well as in the 1730’s and was now again being awakened in 1904. All of which was birthed through the Moravian missionaries. (Wright, 161)
(Note: The Welsh revival was trigged by the Keswick Convention which originated from the Vineland, N.J. prayer meeting in 1867.) (Brown, 104-105)

1906: Charles Fox Parham opens a ministry school in Houston Texas, and receives William Seymour who is an African-American Pastor who was affected through the Holiness movement. (Hyatt, 139)

1906: William Seymour travels to Los Angles and begins to pray with other believers in a house meeting and the Holy Spirit explosively invades the meeting. Seymour is lead to secure a larger venue in order to accommodate the crowds which were to come. The new venue was at 312 Azusa Street and was a barn of a building that used to be a Methodist Episcopal Church before becoming a stable. Meetings would run nearly 24/7 and millions of lives were forever altered over the next 3 years. The mantle had shifted from Holiness to Pentecostalism almost overnight and this was not only recognized as an outpouring or revival, but rather as a spiritual revolution. The 3rd wave of Christendom, the first being Christ coming to the earth, the 2nd being the reformation, and this being the 3rd wave, Pentecostalism. (Hyatt, 143)

1906: G. B. Cashwell a minster from Sampson county North Carolina travels by train to the Azusa street revival in Los Angles and receives prayer from William Seymour. His soul is set on fire and after returning home to Dunn, North Carolina he rents a 3-story tobacco warehouse and holds revival meetings. Immediately there is a spiritual eruption and the atmosphere is completely filled with the mighty presence of our Lord. Many pastors and church leaders are broken under the power which prevailed in these meetings and this sparked the biggest awakening that had yet to be seen in the state of North Carolina as well as the east coast of the United States. Every eastern city of North Carolina become affected by this mighty outpouring which spawned over 7 different denominations that are still functioning today. (Beacham, 35)

1907: Cashwell branches out on a whirl-wind tour around North Carolina as well as the entire Southern region of the United States. The powerful invasion of Pentecost spreads throughout the Tar Heel state and into South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, up north and around the world including Palestine, especially in Jerusalem. (Israel before 1948) As the movement spread thousands of testimonies were recorded in Cashwell’s Bride Groom’s Messenger which informs us of how powerful this awakening was. (Beacham, 91)
This became one of the most powerful revivals ever recorded or seen and the Lord chose to ignite it in North Carolina…why?

  • G. B. Cashwell was directly affected through the ministry of William Seymour at Azusa Street who was directly affected through Charles Parham in Texas who was directly affected by Frank Sandford in Maine who was a student under D.L. Moody in which Moody was directly affected through 2 Holiness women were in attendance in the Vineland, Manheim, and Round Lake prayer meetings. Which we know was an area settled by Scot-Irish immigrants who brought with them the seeds of revival and contended in much prayer for an awakening and whose intercession was personally influenced by the revivalist’s Wesley and Whitefield who were directly influenced by the ancient forerunners the Moravians. (Beacham, Brown, Hyatt, Synan, Wright, Wikipedia-Frank

  • G.B. Cashwell and A.B. Crumpler (brought the flame of holiness into eastern N.C.) were both friends and born in the same (Sampson) county around the same time. Many who migrated to Sampson county through the Cape Fear River were the Scot-Irish & Scot highlanders who were directly affected through the Scotland Awakenings started by the Moravians carried by the revivalist (Wesley, Whitefield) and this proves there is about a 90% chance that Cashwell and Crumpler were of Scot-Irish decent therefore carrying the seed of revival fire in them. Also the Moravians themselves came into eastern North Carolina first (1740’s) and then moved out west to the piedmont location. This is another indication that this land has been designated for heavenly destiny, not to mention that the Scot-highlander settlers of the Cape Fear (1770’s) prayed and interceded for many years for an awakening in this region to occur like the one back home in Cambuslang. (Beacham & Synan)

  • Between the ministries of Cashwell & Crumpler every eastern and south eastern county of North Carolina has experienced the invasion of Heaven on earth. It is documented that in these meetings people would lay on the ground unable to get up for hours under the presence of God crying out for more of Christ’s love and less of themselves. Thousands were converted and many more testified to having received a deeper revelation of Christ’s love for them altering their current perception of Christianity. One report shows that a woman from Dunn who attended the warehouse revival was so transformed that many witness say she began to speak in 11 different languages fluently. Pastors who lead churches for years testify to never experiencing what they experienced. Reports also show that there many physical visitations of angles in the services and one report from Wilmington even states that Jesus is seen walking in and out of the meetings. Racial barriers are destroyed and black churches fellowship with white churches and denominational walls are broken. Also remember that a majority of these meetings were held under big tents in the following counties Pender, New Hanover, Duplin, Lenoir, Bladen, Wallace, Wayne, Harrnet, Sampson, Bladen, and Roberson. (Beacham & Synan)

1907-1910: Cashwell establishes the Bridegroom’s Messenger to help inform the global audience of the phenomenon that is occurring in North Carolina. As a direct result of this awakening missionaries are sent out all over the world but a main concentration was in Palestine. (Israel) This paper records countless testimonies of the same outbreaks of the Spirit occurring in places like Jerusalem, Beirut, Syria, and all over the nation. Cashwell also kept a record of the Jews in different parts of the world waiting for the ancient prophecy to be fulfilled and that the Jews would have a state. The Messenger is very specific in these cases and they establish strong ties all over Palestine. (Israel) One article even shows that there were those there in Jerusalem trying to start an apostolic ministry center and establish a soul-winning station right there in the middle of the Holy Land. (Beacham, 92)

In all this spiritual revolution swept through the earth and shifted the entire landscape of Christianity; however, as the years marched forward the mantle was never picked up again. Sure there have been many renewal movements such as the Vineyard movement, Toronto outpouring, Pensacola revival, and even Lakeland revival; however, there has yet to be a spiritual reformation or revolution as the one seen in Los Angles and Dunn North Carolina. Many years have pass by now and the reality is that our nation has become more Godless than ever. The church has for the most part become silent and seemingly powerless in an age where sin is sociably acceptable, and hardly anybody in our state of North Carolina has any knowledge of the significance of this awakening and how it was all divinely connected. It has almost all been forgotten like a distant fading memory from childhood never again to be remembered or thought of. My wife and I have even been studying religious studies as well as church history for a combined 13 years at the undergraduate and graduate school levels at both Bible Colleges and Christian Universities and still we had no clue that these movements were all tied together; yet, I am with great hope today because in the last 40 years our Lord has been moving mightily and mobilizing His people for what I believe is getting ready to be the greatest surge of Kingdom Invasion that world has ever seen.

The Mantle is waiting to be picked up

1975: April 6, at L.O. Sanders church in Jacksonville, North Carolina a powerful prophetic word was spoken through Derek Prince:
I have found favor with you here in Eastern North Carolina. I will personally come to visit you. There will be a revival greater than the great Wales Revival in the 1900’s. There will be Kings and leaders from the north, south, east, and west that will come and study the Eastern North Carolina Phenomena!”
Immediately a Scripture was spoken out of the audience, Zephaniah 2:6:
“And the sea coast shall be dwellings and cottages for shepherds, and folds for their flocks.”

1987: A vision is given to Neil Blake of North Carolina as well as many other ministers from all around eastern North Carolina to establish a Christian City of Refuge. The Lord releases heavenly visions for revival and a new hunger for a revival is birthed. Many different Pastors and church leaders come together and begin to hold weekly prayer meetings for the next 10 years at a farm in Pender County.

(Note they held these prayer meetings in the same exact location in which the Scot-Irish & Scot-highlander immigrants settled upon, the Cape Fear in Wilmington. These were also the same Scot’s who were directly affected by the Scotland awakenings lead by Wesley &Whitefield conceived through the Moravians. It is also the same location where A.B. Crumpler brought the flame of Holiness through tent revivals, and where Cashwell plunged the flame of Pentecostalism.)

1996: Richard Thornton and Michael & Angela Nwaduci (Prayer Missionaries from Africa) share a heavy burden to call all Pastors and church leaders to pray for revival in Eastern North Carolina. The center focus of these prayer meetings was to pray daily both individually and corporately that God would forgive our sins and heal our broken land. Also that God would pour out His Spirit without measure all over Eastern North Carolina as well as the world. Prayer for Israel and the peace for Jerusalem was also a major focus.

1997: Richard Thornton as well as Michael & Angela Nwaduci come together with Neil Blake of Wilmington and many others at the weekly prayer meetings for revival in Eastern North Carolina. Neil Blake is also given a vision for a great awakening and is lead by the Holy Spirit to purchase a large tent that would accommodate 5,000 people. Our Lord reveals to him that he will pour out His Spirit without measure in this tent and that many signs and wonders will accompany the weighty presence of God wherever it goes.

2006: The Lord calls Neil Blake to re-establish the Jewish Biblical Feasts while conducting services in the large tent. Neil moves the tent to Moravian Falls, North Carolina and holds a 21 day 24/7 worship/prayer meeting during the Feast of Trumpets, Day of Atonement, and Feast of Tabernacles in which the presence of God falls mightily.

(Note this is exactly where the first early Moravians and Scots settled and prepared the land for a mighty awakening to come forth.) From this meeting Neil moves the tent to Jerusalem on top the Mt. of Olives in Israel and for the Jewish feast of Pentecost. Many people are touched and affected; however, more importantly the ministry comes back to the U.S. with a great anointing for revival.

2009: Neil moves the tent to strategic locations in the U.S. for revival first in Washington D.C., Fredericksburg, V.A., and then to Mt. Olive, North Carolina for the Jewish feats of Passover. The presence of God invades the atmosphere and many souls are changed.
(Note: However, when the tent was moved to Mt. Olive many people were converted and many others were miraculously healed of all kinds of sicknesses. The fire of God was released more powerfully than any other meeting and for 12 days during the feast of Passover the Lord invaded the land. Why???)

  • Many of the first settlers of the Mt. Olive region where in fact the same Scottish settlers who were transformed through the Scotland revival. They moved up the northeast branch of the Cape Fear River and begin to settle all throughout the Mt. Olive area burning with the fire of God and planting seeds for revival for a future generation. 100 years later the Holiness mantle carried by A.B. Crumpler would come to this same location and affect thousands of lives all throughout the town. (1898) As a matter of fact Neil positioned the 5,000 men tent in almost the identical spot Crumpler had his large tent 120 years prior without knowing these things. As if this was not enough, G.B. Cashwell followed behind Crumpler 10 years later (1906) and carried the Mantle of Pentecostalism deep into the heart of Mt. Olive because Dunn, N.C where the North Carolina revival originated from, was only 50 miles away from Mt. Olive, thus this small town in Eastern North Carolina became saturated with the powerful tangible presence of God.

  • Another very interesting fact about this tent ministry and all the other ministries connected to it is the fact that Lord led Neil Blake to re-establish the Jewish Biblical Feasts. Isn’t it ironic that this is exactly what the Rev. B. Gorham did in the 1867 Vineland camp meeting that shook the world? Remember that’s where the mantle shifted from Methodism to Holiness and where the Wales, Azusa Street, and Dunn North Carolina movements all began. Rev. Gorham also drew the grounds into a huge spoke wheel representing Ezekiel’s vision of the Wheel within the Wheel very possibly indicating multiple ministries working together as one. That’s what those movements did, they help unify the Body into the new one man and that’s exactly why Rev. Gorham had such an honor for his Hebraic roots and planned those 3 meetings accord to the Jewish Biblical Feasts, something the church of today knows nothing about. Also read the reports about the North Carolina revival that spread to Israel especially Jerusalem and you will notice that they had a great respect for Israel and were doing all they could to minister to them. In 1986 the vision for One in Christ ministries also was instructed by the Lord to form Ezekiel’s wheel as an emblem pointing to the “oneness” of multiple denominations coming together for the sake of spiritual reformation. It bears a striking resemblance with that of of Rev. Gorham’s vision in 1868. This has all transpired within the last few years and no one knew of these things until now. (Praise Jesus!)

Now: I challenge you, look for yourself and see what the Lord is doing in this region again! He is uncovering the ancient paths for spiritual reformation and we must honor our heritage or we will not be able to carry this mantle, it will be too heavy. Our forefathers prepared the way and now God has risen this generation to take the land. Notice wherever this tent goes up the Glory of God falls! This is does not mean that we are worshiping a tent but rather we are creating a dwelling place for the King of Kings to come and tabernacle with His people again as in the days of our forefathers so that He can come in habituate just as he did at Hernnhut Germany in 1727, Wales England in 1735, New England in 1740, Scotland in 1742, Vineland New Jersey in 1867, and Dunn, North Carolina in 1907.

September 18, 2009

On September 18, the tent is going up during Feasts of Trumpets, Day of Atonement, and throughout the Feasts of Tabernacles at the same farm that Neil Blake and many other different ministers and ministries prayed at over the years. This land sits right off the Cape Fear River and upon arrival the first settlers (Spanish 1500’s) named it the Jordan River and the farm lands the promise land. (Wikipedia Cape Fear Its where the Scot-Irish settled (1770’s) and prayed for revival power to saturate the land, its where Crumpler released some of the most powerful revival meetings ever recorded, its where the flame of Pentecostalism burned and changed the city of Wilmington, and its where the ancient mantle of spiritual revolution is lying waiting to be picked up, remember the Word….

“I have found favor with you here in eastern North Carolina and there will be a revival greater than the Wales revival of the 1900’s……”

My spirit is so stirred, I am hungry, I am thirsty and I am crying out, “Open the ancient paths Oh God where the good way is, so that I and my generation might have rest!” Jeremiah 6:16

Blog by: Mike Thornton


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