Rediscovering Our Destiny

1867: In the wake of the bloodiest battle in America’s history (civil war) approximately 10-15,000 Christians of multiple denominations gathered at Landis Park in Vineland New Jersey under large tents to seek God for a spiritual awakening. This resulted an in outpouring of God’s glory in which hundreds and even thousands were converted into Christianity and filled with Holy Spirit. This meeting became known as the Holiness camp meeting.

1868: Following this outpouring of God’s presence the leaders of this event convened to meet in Manheim, Pennsylvania and it was here that they formed the camp grounds into a giant wheel taken from Ezekiel’s prophecy. It is estimated that over 25,000 people attended these meetings from over six different denominations including Methodist, Presbyterian, Baptist, Methodist Episcopal and a few others. Reports show that they were all in harmony with each other seeking God for revival both on a personal and national level. These meetings lasted for nearly 2 weeks and many witnesses reported to have heard angels singing along in times of worship as well as multiple manifestations of God’s presence convicting thousands and bringing countless others in contact with a divine enc outer with the Almighty God.

1869: The leaders met together in prayer and decided to hold the next meeting at Round Lake, New York on 40 acres of land. A week before the meeting started over six hundred tents had been set up and thousands of people were pouring in all over the world. The association again formed the grounds into a giant wheel in which the main stage, pulpit, and alter were the hub and at the end of the eight spokes of the wheel were prayer tents for salvation, healings, children’s ministry, etc. It is reported that over 250,000 people attended these meetings and that the glory of God fell on the entire camp more powerfully than it had in the 2 previous years. In all over thousand tents had been erected including a large tent which would seat 3,000.

Outpouring: 1870-1910

Over these 40 years it is proven that from those meetings which started in Vineland, New Jersey three distinct outpourings occurred which shook the entire world. In Los Angeles it was the Azusa Street revival which brought a new wave of God’s Glory, in Dunn, North Carolina (eastern North Carolina) it was the tobacco warehouse revival in which all the following denominations were born: Church of God, Pentecostal Holiness, Assemblies of God, Fire-baptized church, Free Will Baptist church, Pentecostal Free Will Baptist Church, and many others. In England it was the great Wells revival lead by Even Roberts which changed countless lives all around Europe.

Eastern North Carolina

In light of all these powerful movements, it is said that no other state in America has experienced more Godly movements than North Carolina. In late December 1906 a minister named G.B. Cashwell returned from the Azusa Street outpouring and rented a tobacco warehouse in Dunn, North Carolina and held revival meetings 6 days a week (Not Sundays) for nearly a month. These meetings shook the entire southern region of the United States and it is noted that many experienced a divine supernatural encounter with God. It is also recorded that in these meetings the presence of God was so strong that when prayed over, people would begin to speak in foreign languages fluently and from this gifting they would be sent as missionaries to that country. Following that month in Dunn, Cashwell received many invitations to speak all over eastern North Carolina and many parts of the southern states. Throughout 1907 he ministered in huge tents and local churches with the sole purpose of spreading the flames of this revival all over the south. It is listed that services were held in cities such as Mt. Olive, Faison, Spring Hope, Kinston, Goldsboro, High point, Dunn, Clinton, and many others. In the wake of this spiritual revolution the entire eastern region of North Carolina (I-95 from V.A. boarder to S.C. eastward) became saturated with the presence and Glory of God lasting for decades. Since then however, our enemy the Devil has been busy seeking to destroy this region with sin and cripple the church from having another outpouring such as this.

The Tent

Why is this important to know? In a recent dream I found myself playing a baseball game at Landis Park in Vineland New Jersey. The team I was playing against was the team of 1867 and our team was down by 6 points and we only had one more at bat. The Lord revealed to me that the time has come when our team (this generation) will take the batter’s box and hit a homerun surpassing the movement which occurred in 1867. God also revealed to me that He is bringing things back full circle (Wheel) and what started in Vineland, New Jersey as a prayer meeting under a large tent and launched 3 of the biggest Christian movements in this nation’s history, will happen again with even more power in our generation. Why? Amos 9: 11 declare, “For in the latter days I will rebuild the fallen tent of David….” This is proof that God has now raised a generation that will go above and beyond that movement as long as we allow Him and only Him to restore true worship back in our churches.

Is it coincidence that God has chosen our brother Neil Blake and many others to hold meetings in a huge tent in the same geographical locations that Cashwell’s ministry traveled around 100 years ago spreading revival fires? It is by chance that this tent has been on the Mt. of Olives in Jerusalem and then erected in the heart of eastern North Carolina with the same purpose: To unify the churches, create a platform for the Holy Spirit to move without any restrictions, and allow the latter outpouring of God’s Glory to be released ultimately fulfilling Derrick Princes prophecy over this region 30 years ago? Is it by a mere mishap that God has revealed this precious heritage to us at this appointed time? Absolutely not, we believe God has chosen this tent and the many churches affiliated with it to pour out His Spirit all over eastern North Carolina again. This is our spiritual heritage and the legacy in which our forefathers lefts us. God has shown this to us to recover and establish the divine order of spiritual renewal for our region, nation, and the world. Will you join us???

Blog –Mike Thornton